Filipe Pereira

CIIMAR - University of Porto, Portugal

News & Media Highlights

19 January 2015: FCT Post-doctoral fellowship awarded to Joao Carneiro.

26 May 2014: The MitoBreak data can be found on the “Mitochondrial Disease Sequence Data Resource (MSeqDR) Consortium.

1 March 2014: Collaborative exercise GHEP-ISFG “SPInDel - Taxonomic identification of forensic samples” now open.

4 February 2014: Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF) Full Doctorate fellowship awarded to Chiara Santos.

30 December 2013: MitoBreak paper in NAR 2014 Database issue .

14 October 2013: Reference to our work on mtDNA in the Fight Aging! website.

1 October 2013: Two publications on mtDNA rearrangements accepted in Human Mutation and Nucleic Acids Research.

15 July 2013: Cientistas da U.Porto abrem caminho no tratamento de doença dos pinheiros (source: UPorto Notícias).

1 June 2013: We launch the MitoBreak database.

7 December 2012: The SPInDel workbench version 1.2 is now available.

5 November 2012: The Food Court: Fake buffalo mozzarella is just cheesy, but help is on the way (source: ACS Network).

8 June 2012: Instabilidade do genoma mitocondrial associada a estruturas invulgares do DNA (fonte: CiênciaPT).